How to create a gallery wall

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Nowadays, everything is online and that includes all the photos we take. Gone are the days when we would take film to the store to get it developed and hang our photos with pride on the wall. Instead they all go onto facebook and Instagram and we obsess over how many likes they’re getting.

We say it is time to bring the photos back into our homes and there is no better way to display them and decorate a blank wall than with a photo gallery. Here are some tips and inspiration on how to create the perfect gallery wall in your home.

Before you go crazy with the hammers and nails, you have to plan what you’re going to do, otherwise it could end up looking a complete mess.

  • Pick a wall and work out how much space you have.
  • Choose a theme. Chic black and white photos? Family pictures? Polaroids? It’s completely up to you. You also need to decide on the colour and size of the frames. They can all be the same size and colour, or a mixture – again, this is up to your personal taste.
  • Once you have your frames and pictures chosen, it’s best to lay them out on the floor and plan where they will go on the wall.
    • Groups work best when based around a shape like a rectangle or diamond.
    • It is easier to start with a large centre picture and then fit smaller ones around it


  • Just because it looks good on the floor, doesn’t mean it necessarily will on the wall. Use brown paper to draw around the frames and tack them on to the wall. Take a step back and if it looks good, it’s time to get hanging!

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Need some inspiration to create a gallery wall in your home?

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