European Hinges- what are they and how to use it

Cabinet hinges are used to keep one solid surface to another. They are used not only for kitchen cabinets, but also for windows, door and other furniture. Kitchen cabinet hinges are different types, one of which is the European hinge. It is a hinge that is hidden. This way the kitchen furniture look much more tidy, which makes it a preferable choice.
The European hinge has various types itself. Some of the most popular ones are Grass hinges and Blum hinges. They can be made of stainless steel or steel. The other variations depend on the way you want to open/close the kitchen cabinet.

stylysh 2015 cabinet hinges

stylysh 2015 cabinet hinges

European hinges provide smooth, silent close of the door. No matter how strong you shut the door, the European hinge will reduce the sound. Again there few types of hinges- self-closing, soft-closing and free-swing hinge. They have 3 way adjustance and allow easy installation. The adjustment can be side, depth and height.
If you are used to do the handy work at home, putting some European hinges will not be difficult for you. All you need are the proper hinges and a drill. What is more, you can find plenty installation tips on the internet, that will help you install the European hinges yourself.


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